I just got 1,000 views on my fan video for the first time ever! Thanks so much to everyone who’s watched!

JMo being the cutest  ♥‿♥


Harriet took this Boxx thing a bit too literally.


Alex Knightley reminds me a lot of Jim from “The Office.”“ 

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SAME. They even have similar voices!


What a bunch of dorks.

Justin Timberlake was AMAZING last night!! At one point he went on this bridge thing and he literally passed by me a few feet away.


Okay, so: there has been many cons happening over summer and it feels that when given a chance people keep asking the actors same questions, year after year.

Comic Con is this weekend and I beg of the lucky ones who can go: ask original, unique questions! We all wanna know new things about our babies, so if you have a chance to ask, use it well!

Now that they’ve announced Hans is joining the Once cast I have to be honest…

As much as I like Frozen I’m kinda over it. It’s been promoted way too much these past few months so I’m gonna keep an open mind with the season but I kinda hope the characters fade out.

house md alphabet  → dancing

My Dad and I just started watching “House of Cards” and oh my god it’s awesome!

But here’s the best part…my dad’s inner fan boy is coming out. He’s so obsessed that he’s two episodes ahead of me because he watched while I was out. It’s the greatest thing ever…


Can we just talk about this scene for a moment?

The look on Charming’s face when Emma tells him that she doesn’t want Henry to grow up alone like she did.

That man is about to cave.

The look on his daughter’s face, her words, they have done him in.

Charming is a second away from grabbing Emma, his little girl, wrapping her in a big bear hug and saying “Fuck this plan! I’m getting my daughter and my grandson out of here!”

The Feels.