Emma Approved has (for now) come to a close. I seriously want to thank the cast and crew for such a wonderful series. I had my doubts because I wasn’t very familiar with Emma as much as say P and P but I most definitely learned to love the characters, plot etc. I also want to give a huge thank you because the series honestly got me through some long and tough work shifts. Anytime I would be bummed about working another day I would think about a new episode coming out and it would make me super happy :) Thank you everyone involved in EA and the fandom. I hope I can get to know even more of you as time goes on!

*silently prays Brent or Joanna will somehow see my Knighthouse video and tweet or reblog it*


okay if we’re mutuals u can

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this has been a psa thank u

What’s this Classic Alice thing? Could someone please explain?


Brent Bailey’s instagram is better than I could have ever hoped


In celebration of friendship - "Emma said/ Harriet said: Things We’ve Learned From Each Other" - http://pbly.co/EAblog89

Because letting a friend know how they have changed and enriched your life is definitely Emma Approved! 


Everything Has Changed || Alex and Emma (Ep 70)

Dedicated to: http://hookskraken.tumblr.com/ and http://romancelvr.tumblr.com/ !


awww Henry’s getting a love interest named Lily this season. At least there is hope that we get to see mommy Regina’s reaction to her son’s first girlfriend. 

Hm maybe a shortened version of Tiger Lily?


The Last of Us concept art | Rain

Episode 9 vs. Episode 70